What is yellow grease?
Yellow Grease is a restaurant byproduct consisting of a mixture of plant and animal fats. California Waste Water Management has an extensive and sophisticated yellow grease recycling program.

Yellow Grease is used cooking oil and grease. It’s found in pots, pans, grills, and deep-fat fryers and comes from butter, lard, vegetable fats, oils, and meats. California Oil buys this grease from restaurants, processes it, and resells it on the open market. There, it’s used for blended industrial fuels, fuel processing, biofuels, animal feed enhancer, makeup, plastics manufacturing, and fertilizers.

Yellow Grease Services include:

  • Assessment of Needs
  • All New Storage Containers
  • Collection and Recycling
  • Exact Collection Measurement upon Pickup
  • Detailed Payment Statements
  • 48-Hour Turnaround on all Services Calls