Why need drain cleaning service?

Because Fats, oil, and grease — also called FOG in the wastewater business — can cause major problems in sewer lines. Most sewer line blockages can be traced back to FOG. Blockages in the sewer lines are serious, causing sewage spills, grease trap overflows, or sewage backups into both commercial and residential buildings. This in turn causes cities and counties to issue costly and unnecessary fines, and often forces businesses to close their doors.

Preventative maintenance on your grease trap / interceptor & regular drain cleaning services is the answer let California Wastewater Management professional service technicians keep your drains flowing freely! Backups and blockages often occur as a result of poor housekeeping and improper or inadequate drain line and grease trap maintenance.

A grease trap or drain line that is not periodically maintained will eventually clog up, causing your floor drains and sinks to overflow. This can cause a disruption of service, or worse yet, a facility shutdown.

It is important to understand how the drain system and waste water removal in your facility works. These systems typically include grease traps or grease interceptors, clean outs, and of course…your drain lines. Grease traps do just that– they trap grease and cooking oils generated during food preparation, and prevent most of this grease from escaping through your drain lines and into the sewer system.

California Wastewater Management can clean your drains and sewer lines when it becomes necessary, using power snaking and high pressure water-jetting techniques. Call 800-987-4541 to have our professional technicians resolve any backups or blockages, and to prepare a preventive maintenance program designed for your specific needs.

Our methods are minimally invasive and environmentally friendly!

Building Maintenance Manager Recommends!

“Once again, their professionalism and attitude were exemplary on our Spring Break Shutdown. My pit guys say “it’s good to finally work with people who know what they are doing and do it well”. See you in June.”

~ Scott Moore

Very courteous and knowledgeable highly recommend

I was very impressed with George and Igor. Not only were they professional, but informative and very nice guys. I highly recommend them if you need your septic pumped. Thanks! ~Kate E.


I had nothing but great service from this company! They answered all of my questions without complaint. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, their prices where great and they fixed my problems in a timely fashion. I would defiantly recommend my friends and family to them. ~Stacey B.