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The Hidden Dangers of FOG

The practice of pouring FOG into the sink might seem harmless; after all, it is still warm, is in liquid form, and slides easily down the drain and out of sight.

However, as the liquid cools, the grease solidifies and accumulates inside the pipes. The cool internal surfaces of sewers provide the ideal environment for thin layers of FOG to build up. These layers thicken over time as other substances glom onto them, until they become a rock-hard substance that obstructs the flow of wastewater.

This scenario could cause even more issues:

  • Raw sewage and wastewater could back up into the business, when the flow can no longer get past the grease buildup.
  • Plumber fees could be extensive, especially if the clog occurs after hours or over a weekend or holiday.
  • Cleanup inside the restaurant is likely to be time-consuming and costly.
  • Underground pipes could overflow into the street, possibly entering a storm drain and contaminating the local water supply.
  • Rancid odors typically result from raw sewage and wastewater backup.
  • Rodent infestation could occur.
  • The local wastewater department could experience damage to their plumbing equipment from FOG, which could result in higher sanitation bills for customers.
  • The city will issue fines and bills for repairing the damage. Clogged pipes due to FOG happen more often than you’d think. Pipe-cleaning companies report that 95 percent of the problems they fix are a result of grease, and 54 percent of sanitary sewer overflows in the United States are from grease blockages. In fact, FOG in sewer systems is a problem in almost all cities, likely due to an increase in the number of restaurants, an aging sewer infrastructure and improper disposal methods.

The only thing that should be going down the drain is wastewater. Remember you can always get a FREE Inspection from us. Keep the pipes flowing and the business growing by properly eliminating FOG.

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